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Significance of Poomsae


The poomsae is a series of movements for offense and defense techniques which can be practiced and trained, even without presence of an instructor, in accordance with the fixed patterns. Therefore, the poomsae has the merits, by its practice, to make the trainee enhance the Kyorugi techniques and applied techniques including special techniques which can hardly be practiced by the training of each separate basic movement alone.

During the practice, the following must be taken into consideration :

1. ⓐ The eyes

2. ⓑ Movement of the center of balance

3. ⓒ Low or high speed

4. ⓓ Strong or weak force

5. ⓔ Respiration Training of Poomsae


A completion of poomsae can be achieved through hard training following the 5 steps :


1. Pattern The first step of training poomsae is to learn the pattern. Concentration of spirit, eyes, and angles of movements must be emphasized in addition to the accuracy of actions.

2. Significance In the next step, the emphasis must be laid on the balance, strength and weakness, low or high speed, respiration and poomsae line. The significance of movements, connection of pooms and the complete poomsae must be learned correctly.

3. Practical Use One must adapt what he has learned to his practical use, finding out the practicability.

4. Self Style One must evaluate his findings about the effectiveness of what he has learned, comparing with his bodily structure, speed, strength, muscle strength, impulsive power, points of emphasis in training, etc ., and moderate the techniques into his own style.

Poomsae Videos


Block Striks Kicks

Blocks shown in video below in order:

Low (All Levels)

Middle (All Levels)

High (All Levels)

Double Knife Hand (Blue Stripe and above)

Palm Block (Red Stripe and above)

Scissor Block (Red Belt and above)

Kicks shown in video below in order:

Front Kick (All Levels)

Roundhouse or Turning Kick (All Levels)

Side Kick (Green Belt and Above)


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