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Firstly, I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the Hansu Club members for making me feel so welcome since April 2018. Everyone is very friendly, I’ve met many people with similar interests in Martial Arts.

I have learnt new kicks, drills and combinations in the past 6 months. The classes are great for keeping fit, developing/enhancing your mental strength and learning about yourself - you never know until you’ve tired and reflected on that session! 

Our Coach George is inspirational, extremely humble and very skilled in WTF Taekwondo, which is quite rare to find in my experience. His passions for teaching Taekwondo continues to amaze me, he encourages and motivates us during our sessions to learn new kicks and tricks!

Taekwondo is a way of life for me – I feel fortunate to practice this beautiful art, I cannot imagine life without my Taekwondo.

Satnam (Adults Class Member)

Palmers Green, London

My daughter Tania (5) has been attending Taekwondo with George since she was 4. She really loves the class and looks forward to attending three times per week. George is really friendly and patient with the children. Tania has learned a lot from this class in terms if social skills, discipline, coordination and fitness. I would highly recommend this class.

Dana (with daughter Tania, aged 5)

Palmers Green, London

After doing a class of George’s, I loved his approach and method of teaching TKD, he brings an exciting and focused energy to his teaching, he focuses on each individual and doesn’t leave a single person out, he is very knowledgeable about his discipline and makes classes fun and challenging!

Callum Taylor (Adult Class Member)

Palmers Green, London

My son absolutely loves his Taekwondo training with George and his team. He’s having fun exercising whilst learning a very important skill - thinking before acting out!

Marina (with son Jim, aged 5)

Palmers Green, London

George has been training our son for almost a year now in body strengthening and Taekwondo tactical sparring. Our son has vastly developed and moved forward with his ability and confidence, which I believe is totally down to George. He looks forward to his sessions every time and sees George as a true inspiration, which I thank him completely.

Marina (with son Nicholas, aged 13)

Palmers Green, London

My girls love the Hansu classes. They can't stop talking about it. Every time after class they are eager to demonstrate what they have learned and are always trying to help each other to do even better. The discipline and the focus that George teaches in class helps my girls in everyday life. I am strongly recommending the HANSU classes to every child, no matter what age and what gender they might be. Thank you George for teaching my girls not just the Taekwondo but the life skills.

Irena (with daughters aged 6 and 9)

Palmers Green, London

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